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  • ZiggyMarley

    Cooking With Love: Q & A with Ziggy Marley

    Musician Ziggy Marley released his first cookbook featuring nutritious recipes straight from his family's kitchen this October. CE had a chance to chat with him about everything from his love of food to his philosophy on "die"eting....

  • gingerbeercover500x500

    Beyond Kefir and Kombucha: More Fermented Drinks with a Probiotic Punch

    Make your own fermented drinks with these recipes from the experts.

  • pork-tenderloin

    How to Remove the Silver Skin on a Pork Tenderloin

    Chef Nathan Lyon of the Clean Eating Academy explains how to remove the stringy silver skin from a pork tenderloin.

  • prebiotics-slide

    Prebiotic Foods: Feed the Good Bacteria in Your Gut With These Fiber-Rich Superfoods

    You've probably heard of probiotics, but what about prebiotics? These non-digestible foods work together with probiotics to maintain gut health and we're sharing 5 foods that will help you get a prebiotic boost.

  • What’s Your Protein Personality?

    Are you in a clean eating rut? Find out in 1 minute (and how to fix it!)

  • Fall-2016-SIP-for-rotator

    Get our “Quick, Easy & Clean Suppers” Special Issue!

    Get dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less with these showstopping quick-and-easy meals!

  • Kefir500x500

    Kefir: The Fermented Milk Drink with Probiotic Prowess

    Make your own nutrient-rich kefir at home for an immune-boosting, anytime snack.

  • Nathan-Lyon-with-Mussels

    How to Find Sustainable Seafood

    When you choose sustainable seafood you are doing your part to protect our oceans, lakes and rivers. So, how do you find it in your neighborhood? Chef Nathan Lyon of the Clean Eating Academy explains.

  • butterflyed-chicken

    How to Butterfly a Chicken

    Chef Nathan Lyon of the Clean Eating Academy explains how to roast a perfect, juicy chicken every time.

  • Nathan Lyon with fish

    How to Store Seafood

    Chef Nathan Lyon of the Clean Eating Academy shares his hot tips for storing fresh fish. The secret is ice. Lots of it.



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