Cook Like a Farmer

    Mary Brower is a first-generation farmer who believes small farms play an important role in the work of preserving local food supplies, decreasing energy consumption, and bringing neighbors together in authentic communities. Along with her family, Mary owns Bluestem Farm, a year-round organic farm in northern Michigan. Her past is littered with partial careers in teaching, writing, and cooking. More about Bluestem Farm here.

  • Dry Beans 2 Mary Brower
    3 Ways with Heirloom Dry Beans

    Make one of these vegetarian dry bean recipes for dinner tonight. They all have a hands-on time of 20...

  • Russian Crepes: Blini
    Russian Crepes: Blini

    Rich Russian crepes, known as blini, are traditionally enjoyed the week before Lent begins. Our resident farmer, Mary Brower,...

  • Celeriac Soup 1
    Hearty Roots: Rediscover Turnips, Radishes and Celeriac

    Warm up with winter's best bounty! Learn to love root vegetables with these novel and nourishing recipes featuring the...

  • Borscht-with-LF-veggies
    3 Nutritious Meals Featuring Fermented Veggies

    Experience the tang of a real deli pickle, the surprising freshness of authentic sauerkraut. Making and cooking with probiotic-rich...

  • CuminBrusselsSprouts---Clean-Eating---Brower
    Thanksgiving Simple: A Farmer’s Take on 4 Classic Holiday Dishes

    Our resident farmer Mary Brower shares three fresh sides and one easy dessert for Thanksgiving that showcase delicious whole...

  • beautiful-beets
    3 Ways with Beets

    Think you don't like beets? Think again. A member of the chenopodiaceae family, along with Swiss chard and quinoa,...

  • CSA-Share-Bluestem-Farm
    How to Choose a CSA Program

    A Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA) is a great way to get farm-fresh fruits and vegetables all summer long....

  • Crate-of-Greens
    3 Ways with Chard and Kale

    Is your fridge filled with kale and chard from your CSA share or a trip to the farmer's market?...

  • organic farming family
    What is Organic Farming, Really?

    Ever wondered what makes your produce "organic?" Our resident farmer, Mary Milsap Brower of Bluestem Farm, explains all.



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