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Jan-Feb-2017-coverYou Got This! 

Have you ever done something new, different or difficult for 30 consecutive days? That was the idea behind a recent Clean Eating team challenge in which everyone was encouraged to work out for at least 30 minutes each day for a month with an incentive of earning bonus points for taking a daily superfood boost (think turmeric, E3Live or a kimchi shot).

At the start of the challenge, I began thinking about other things I wanted to change about my lifestyle, and I settled on my pesky habit of hitting the snooze button. I started waking up at the same time every morning, quit snoozin’ cold turkey, and guess what? Of everything I got out of the challenge, that seemingly small act reaped the biggest rewards. No more rushed mornings; I was up at the crack of dawn with a cup of coffee in the home office taking stock of my inbox and the day ahead before making my way into work.

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With that in mind, here we find ourselves again in the midst of the culturally pervasive resolution season. It can feel cliché and even a little intimidating to look inward and examine what needs work, but it’s also exciting to think, ‘You know what? I can and will reinvent myself a little.’ Perhaps our team challenge might inspire you. You can exercise every single day like our hardcore challenge champion, Alaina Greenberg, simply drink a matcha tea each day or quit hitting snooze. But if you just can’t give up those 10 (20?) extra minutes of unplanned Zs, this issue’s got your back. Our make-ahead breakfast recipes on page 52 are the perfect antidote to busy mornings.

If a daily superfood is more your speed, we have pancakes, ice cream and soup on page 16 with matcha, Blue Majik and spirulina superpowers. If you haven’t gotten into juicing yet, make ’17 your year. Whip up some seriously potent green bevvies with the best new juicers of 2017 (p. 30) tested to their limit by Food Editor Andrea Gourgy. And don’t forget that February is American Heart Month: We created a healthy-heart meal plan with recipes, shopping lists and supportive supplements to keep yours strong and healthy for as long as possible (p. 76).

Happy New Year, clean eaters! To another year of improving health and improving yourself with real food that tastes real good. We’re so happy you’re here!

Alicia Tyler


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Grab a spoon and dig into these six nourishing soups that are big on flavor.

Cook these light-on-the-waistline breakfasts before bed and wake up to a mouthwatering morning meal.

Pack your plate with a rainbow of cardiovascular-supportive foods in CE‘s one-week meal plan.


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