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CE41 Cover croppedI’m of French Canadian and Ukrainian descent and while I inherently love the occasional tourtière and pierogi, I’ve been an adventurous eater my entire life. I’m known to try anything once and revel in the chance to dip into the local fare of anyplace I travel to. Go-to cuisines include Mexican, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Italian, Vietnamese and Lebanese. And don’t threaten me with a good curry dish – I’ll choose it every freaking time. When cooking at home, it’s got to be spicy, saucy and heavy on crisp herbs with a dash of something exotically fresh. Typically on hand are garam masala, Za’atar, fish sauce, lemongrass, Sriracha, fresh ginger, occasionally kimchi, heaps of cilantro and an abundance of curry. And thanks to our intrepid food editor, I’ve recently been turned on to the endless possibilities of ghee, a South Asian-born clarified butter. Welcome to the first-ever Global Gourmet edition. This issue is bursting at the seams with meals and ingredients from around the globe, many of them recreated with a fusion twist to tickle your nostrils and tantalize your taste buds.

-       Alicia Rewega, Editor-In-Chief

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What’s Inside:


Exotic Twists on Chicken:
From Brazil to Greece to the Middle East, we’re taking poultry around the world with six succulent and inspired chicken recipes to add to your roster. Think: Piri Piri Chicken with Spiced Potato Wedges.


Global Meals for Two:
Not all of our readers are cooking for families, so we’ve whittled a handful of recipes down to pair-perfect proportions! Though you might want leftovers of dishes such as Turkish Kebabs and Aloo Gobi with Spinach…


Around the World in 5 Pizzas:
We’ve taken Italy’s most famous export on a trip through countries such as Spain, Greece and more, and you can mix and match your pies by swapping crusts: gluten-free, cauliflower or whole wheat.


Glorious Ghee:
An aromatic South Asian cooking oil, ghee is the clarified butter that adds a unique depth of flavor to your favorite Indian dishes, stir-frys, meats and vegetables.

Web Bonus: A step-by-step guide to making ghee.


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