20 Minutes or Less

    Yes, it’s possible to eat clean in 20 minutes or less. Follow these Clean Eating recipes to whip up a healthy meal in a flash.

  • crab_napoleaon_salad
    Crab Napoleon Salad With Tomato Seed Vinaigrette

    This no-cook, summer-fresh dish is inspired by the Italian Caprese salad.

  • COVER-Summer-Carbonara-REV_recipe
    Summertime Carbonara with Tomatoes, 
Bacon & Beans

    Enjoy garden-fresh spinach and tomatoes all tangled up in whole-grain noodles and just one pot to wash tonight.

  • Double-Chocolate 
Fudge Pops
Fudge Pops

    A chocolate lover’s dream, these old-school fudge pops use whole milk, dark chocolate and cocoa powder for the ultimate...

  • Sweet & Spicy Goat Cheese Spread
    Sweet & Spicy Goat Cheese Spread

    This tangy spread hits all the right flavors – subtly sweet, spicy and salty. Use it to add flavor...

  • Chocolate 
Sea Salt Dip
    Chocolate Sea Salt Dip

    Avocado, almond milk and cacao form the creamy base for this über-decadent 
chocolate dip. Make sure your avocado is...

  • Spicy Summer 
Veg Salsa
    Spicy Summer Veg Salsa

    Homemade salsas may help reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease,...

  • Fresh Salsa Cruda
    Fresh Salsa Cruda

    Stay away from the sugars and preservatives of grocery store salsa with a homemade fresh salsa crura recipe.

  • Sweet Pea Ricotta Spread
    Sweet Pea Ricotta Spread

    Rich ricotta cheese is the perfect accompaniment 
to sweet peas in this vibrant spread. Try it over garlic and...

  • Sweet Cherry 
Cilantro Salsa
    Sweet Cherry Cilantro Salsa

    This nutrient-rich salsa will liven up any dish and inspire fresh meal ideas all summer long.



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