We have several healthy recipes for our gluten-free readers. Whether you have celiac’s disease or are gluten-sensitive, you’ll find clean meals that fit your lifestyle.

  • Chai-Spiced Chickpea 
& Cauliflower Soup
    Chai-Spiced Chickpea 
& Cauliflower Soup

    Spicy-sweet chai rooibos is revered for its digestive benefits, immune system support and antioxidant properties.

  • Amaranth Falafels with Green Tahini Sauce
    Amaranth Falafels with Green Tahini Sauce

    While spirulina should not be cooked (heat destroys its valuable properties), it makes a wonderful addition to smoothies, drinks,...

  • Walnut-Stuffed-Squash-Veronic-Bosgraaf
    Walnut-Stuffed Squash

    This fall-inspired dish is as beautiful as it is healthy. The omega-3s found in walnuts are instrumental in promoting...

  • Lemon & Herb 
Kefir Spread
    Lemon & Herb 
Kefir Spread

    Use gut-friendly kefir in place of cream cheese in spreads.

  • Mushroom Cashew Lettuce Wraps
    Mushroom Cashew Lettuce Wraps

    Meaty and rich in umami flavor, both shiitake and maitake are delectable additions to these Mushroom Cashew Lettuce Wraps.

  • lebanesemoussaka
    Lebanese-style Moussaka

    Chef Philippe Massoud cleaned up this traditionally meatless Lebanese-style moussaka by roasting the eggplant rather than frying it, drastically...

  • rhubarddaiquiri
    Strawberry Rhubarb Daiquiri

    You'll be toasting to your health with this delicious, fruity beverage that's antioxidant-packed and chock-full of vitamin C.

  • mangominttea
    Mango Mint Iced Green Tea

    Take your iced green tea to the tropics with the exotic taste of mangos and cooling mint leaves.

  • coconutcucumberlimeade
    Coconut Cucumber Limeade

    Light and thirst-quenching, this summer sip is made with electrolyte-rich coconut water to keep you hydrated on a hot...



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