• Hummus Beet and Feta Wrap
    Hummus, Beet & Feta Wrap

    Make these 5-ingredient wraps filled with beet, hummus and feta up to one day in advance and pack them...

    • Posted 3 days ago
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  • Irish Mints
    Irish Mint Patties

    Refreshing, mint-infused coconut gets sandwiched between satisfying dark chocolate in these light and easy-to-make treats.

    • Posted 52 days ago
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  • Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites
    Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites

    There's no need for serving plates or forks with this gooey chocolate and peanut butter dessert - simply serve...

    • Posted 72 days ago
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  • Goat Cheese Fondue
    Goat Cheese Fondue

    This fondue is a light, clean twist on a dish of melted cheese that's bound to please. Follow Aimee...

    • Posted 72 days ago
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  • Maple Roasted Butternut Tian
    Maple Roasted Butternut Tian with Quinoa

    We portion our maple-laced butternut tian into single-serving ramekins for beautiful presentation and the perfect size every time!

    • Posted 90 days ago
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  • Strawberry Coconut Crisp
    Strawberry Coconut Crisp

    Don't forget about dessert! Yes, you can actually make this decadent fruity crisp on the grill. Try serving it...

    • Posted 100 days ago
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  • Enchiladas
    Butternut Squash Enchiladas

    To create a clean twist on a classic enchilada, we've used sweet, soft butternut squash as a filling mixed...

    • Posted 100 days ago
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  • Lemon Cranberry Sauce
    Lemon Cranberry Sauce

    Tart cranberry flavor with a hint of sweetness and a twist of lemon, our homemade Lemon Cranberry Sauce will...

    • Posted 114 days ago
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  • Whole-Wheat Dressing with Wild Rice
    Whole-Wheat Dressing with Wild Rice

    Wild rice adds depth of flavor to this veggie-packed, whole-wheat dressing. For best texture, look for bread that has...

    • Posted 114 days ago
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