There are many benefits to going meatless a few times a week. Check out our huge collection of clean vegetarian meals + dishes.

  • Apple & Cabbage Sauerkraut
    Apple & Cabbage Sauerkraut

    Be sure to choose organic cabbage and apples for this recipe, as the surface of the produce will still...

  • Pickled Ginger & Cardamom Carrots
    Pickled Ginger & Cardamom Carrots

    These mild and slightly sweet carrots are a great gateway pickle for those who find the strong flavor of...

  • Cinnamon Cashew Yogurt
    Cinnamon Cashew Yogurt

    Don’t be intimidated by the idea of making your own vegan yogurt at 
home – it’s so much easier...

  • Preserved Lemons
    Preserved Lemons

    A staple in Moroccan cuisine, preserved lemons are an easy way to add intense citrusy flavor to everything from...

  • Strawberry Ginger Beer
    Strawberry Ginger Beer

    Soda that’s good for you? Yes, please! The key to making this gut-healthy drink is to start with a...

  • salad-wraps
    Un-Caesar Salad Wrap with Eggplant Bacon

    Skip the preservatives and sugar often added to traditional Caesar dressings - here we make a high-fiber, real-food Caesar-style...

  • Earl Grey French Toast with Orange Maple Syrup
    3 Tea-Infused, Indulgent Recipes

    Go beyond tea time and tantalize your palate with these 3 indulgent recipes.

  • Roasted Spicy Edamame
    Roasted Spicy Edamame

    When afternoon cravings hit, reach for these protein-packed nutrient heavyweights.

  • Sorghum Pancakes
    Sorghum Pancakes

    Store pancakes in even numbers (two, four or six work best) in resealable freezer bags for a speedy breakfast. Come...



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