Make it Fast or Super Slow: Recipes for Your Instant Pot or Slow Cooker

Whether it’s already late afternoon or you’ve planned ahead, these crave-worthy recipes can be made in either the Instant Pot or your slow cooker, so dinner is ready when you are!


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Wined Down

After a challenging year, one thing is for certain: the holidays aren’t just a welcome diversion. They’re also a chance to reflect, enjoy clean, flavorful foods (safely!) with loved ones, and savor the best qualities of organic red wines.

No matter the meals you have planned for all the fall and winter holidays, rest assured that the red wine selections from Our Daily Wines will bring to life all the flavors and pleasures of the seasons. Our Daily Wines are USDA organic, preservative- and gluten-free, vegan, and free of detectable sulfites.

These classic varietals are approachable for all wine lovers and are built on a simple vision — to preserve and enhance the environment in which our families live and work. Our wines also serve as fantastic complements to holiday meals and celebrations! And as you pour a glass, here’s hoping the coming year will be full of hope, health and happiness.

The Lineup Photo: Courtesy of Our Daily Wine Cabernet Sauvignon (750 ml) Red Blend (750 ml) 1.5L Bag in Box — perfect for small gatherings, or for you and a loved one to share. The 1.5-liter box is the equivalent of two standard bottles of wine and stays fresh for up to six weeks. That means it’s great for weeks of sipping, even if you’re the only wine lover on hand! Starters/Sides Roasted Vegetable Fries with Cashew Herb Dip Paired With: Our Daily Wines Red Blend

If you’re looking for the appeal of a deep-fried appetizer without any frying at all, these veggie fries might become your new favorite. Panko gives the fries a great crunch, while the cool, creamy, cashew-based dip adds a fresh, bright note. Our Daily Wines Red Blend pairs well with its mellow acidity to contrast with the dip’s creaminess.

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