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Clean Eating makes an appearance in 'Forbes' and on 'The Today Show'!

Clean eating is a hot topic of late, with restaurants ditching processed ingredients and outlets like Forbes and The Today Show touting its popularity!

While our longtime readers have had clean eating on the brain for a number of years and have read dozens of issues, the general population is slowly catching up.

With a continued emphasis on healthy living sweeping North America and beyond, we're thrilled to see and hear our name in larger and larger contexts, from Forbes magazine to The Today Show!

In an article titled The Branding of Clean Food, Marian Salzman says, "Everyone - and not just longtime wholesome-food evangelists such as Mark Bittman and Michael Pollan - is talking about eating clean."

She goes on to explore the speedy acceptance and celebration of clean and healthy fare, from restaurants to your local grocery store, and the highly successful brands (think: Chobani) that have sprung from the normalization of clean foods. Oh, and she lists Clean Eating magazine as one of the movement's top authorities!

Meanwhile, The Today Show discusses chain restaurants that are deciding to rid their menus of processed foods, hinged on the announcement that Panera Bread is giving additives the boot. Potassium lactate and modified corn starch are among the offenders being removed from the menu at Panera. Chipotle Mexican Grill, Subway and Starbucks are also committed to cleaning up their ingredient lists.

Watch the video below to see superstar chef Bobby Flay discuss eating clean and look for the Clean Eating logo!

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