Laura: Cookbook Review of Ripe

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Ripe: A Cook in the Orchard
By: Nigel Slater
Photography: Jonathan Lovekin 
© 2010
(Ten Speed Press, $40)

Fruit (in all its sweet, juicy and pleasurable splendor) takes center stage in Ripe: A Cook in the Orchard. A cookbook and gardening primer in one, Nigel Slater’s newest book is the fruit-focused sequel to Tender, his widely acclaimed vegetable-based cookbook. Ripe includes more than 300 recipes – many of which are accompanied by mouthwatering, nostalgic photographs – that celebrate the flavors and textures of 23 different fruits, from tart plums and sweet cherries to sour gooseberries and luscious, saccharine figs. For the more experimental cook, Slater’s pairing recommendations for which ingredients best bring out the flavor of a particular type of fruit are especially useful. If you’re looking for a clean and cozy recipe to finish off your next meal, the Baked Peaches with Maple Syrup and Vanilla is a succulent dessert the whole family will enjoy. Ingredients such as refined sugar and heavy cream are common in the book’s other dessert recipes, so sub in clean equivalents to keep your Clean Eating lifestyle on track!

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