Laura: Cookbook Review of The Pickled Pantry

The Pickled Pantry
By Andrea Chesman
($20, Storey Publishing)

Whether you’re a canning expert or newbie, Andrea Chesman’s The Pickled Pantry suits all levels of experience. Chesman covers the basics – from the equipment you need to food safety tips – and provides absolutely drool-worthy recipes for pickles, relishes, krauts and chutneys in a clear, easy-to-follow manner. From the tangy Dilled Kohlrabi to sweeter options like the Apricot Date Chutney or the Vermont Maple Sweet Pickles, this book offers a variety of clean recipes for your pickling pleasure. Although table salt and refined sugars are usually the go-to ingredients when it comes to pickling, Chesman gives readers the options of using sea salt or clean sugar substitutes, making this a fabulous fit for your Clean Eating lifestyle.

Excerpted from ThePickled Pantry © Andrea Chesman used with permission from Storey Publishing