On Sale Now: 65 Slow-Cooker Masterpieces

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Come Home to Dinner Ready!

Since launching Clean Eating 8 years ago, readers have been praising our slow-cooker creations and requesting an entire issue dedicated to them. Well, it's finally here! And I'm already making mental notes of which to try first. When fall and winter roll around, my schedule becomes even more hectic, and the only way to continue eating clean and maximize every waking hour is to set up my slow cooker before I leave for the office and come home to an aromatic and welcoming dinner, ready to be served.

To some, perhaps, slow cookers feel a little dated, but to the busy clean eater, this magnificent appliance is a savior, and let me assure you, these are not your mother’s slow-cooker recipes. No old-school pot roasts here. Inside, you’ll find everything from risotto, chicken wings, lasagna and tacos to carrot cake, stuffed peppers, pot pie and French toast casserole – and best of all, they’re all packed with nutrients and veggies, and the epitome of clean!

– Alicia Rewega, Editor-in-Chief

What's inside:


16 Chicken & Turkey Recipes

We know you love chicken recipes! Here are a few new ways to prepare poultry in your slow cooker.



Fudgy brownies? French Toast Casserole? Yes, you can make sweet treats and even brunch in your slow cooker. Find out how!


  • The 4 best slow cookers on the market
  • Dutch oven cooking
  • 9 veggie meals
  • Sensational beef, lamb and pork dishes