Proposition 37: What do you think?

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Have you heard of Proposition 37? It’s a California-based ballot initiative that, if passed, would require companies to include GMO information on food labels. The implications of a GMO labeling law are enormous. Though we’ve stated that our stance on GMOs is uncertain, since negative long-term effects of these genetically engineered foods have not been proven, we do not believe their inclusion in food products we consume should be elusive. We believe this information, like levels of sodium or organic ingredients, should be clearly outlined on labels so that we all know what’s going into our bodies! According to an LA Times article, 61 countries worldwide (many of them in Europe) already subscribe to this type of labeling

On the flip side, making Proposition 37 a state-guided law means conflicting standards could arise between states, putting companies in the middle without a solution. A recent Forbes article also points to the proposition’s caveat that foods must be properly labeled as “natural” or “unnatural”, but what falls within each category is decided by the state and these definitions are subjective and potentially flawed.

We want to know what you think about Proposition 37! Let us know by posting your thoughts below.

If you live in California, you can enter your pledge to vote “yes” to Prop 37 through Environmental Working GroupCE-approved companies like Organic Valley, Nature’s Path, Lundberg Family Farms and Amy’s Kitchen have already pledged money to support the initiative!