The Health Food Revolution Redefined

Creative chefs have started adding supplement powders to their dishes for added health benefits. NeoCell’s Derma Matrix powder is one that will improve your skin’s hydration and elasticity, without altering the flavor of food.

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As we know, our food has been depleted, hybridized, commercialized, and chemically sprayed to the point of offering a fraction of the nutrient density as compared to a century before. I recently subscribed to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in Austin, TX and it only took one bite of a freshly picked carrot to recognize the astronomical difference in quality compared to an organic carrot I bought at a grocery store. I thought, “This is what a carrot really tastes like!”

A huge industry has evolved to fill the void created by agricultural corporations. As the years go by and our food turns into flavorless cardboard, a person is forced to consume more and more supplements just to feel well and receive all of the nutrients required for living a vibrant life. As a “hippie pill popper” I’ve adapted and – excuse my boasting – developed the ability to swallow a handful of supplements in a single gulp (check out this video for proof). But I certainly don’t look forward to adding another capsule to my regimen! Anything I can do to expand the nutritional value of my foods is a welcome change. Fortunately, creative chefs are partnering with innovative companies to pioneering the march towards functional foods and nutritionally-enhanced recipes.

Chef Charles Chen is a part of a new breed of culinary artists that incorporate supplements into mouth-watering recipes. Most people, including myself, are initially skeptical that adding a supplement will not affect the taste of a dish, never mind help improve the flavor. It wasn’t until I tried Chef Chen’s amazing creations at this year’s EXPO West trade show that I was convinced. Particularly memorable was a zucchini pasta with a blended seed-based sauce that featured NeoCell’s Derma Matrix powder to add a creamy texture.

The days of choking down bitter tasting, gritty smoothies appear to be limited! Let’s all jump on the nutritional bandwagon and redefine “health food” one delicious bite at a time.

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