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2018 Clean Choice Awards

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Using some packaged products is a necessity in today’s world (we know you’re too busy to can your own tomatoes and mill your own flour!). To help you choose wisely, we’ve curated this comprehensive product guide covering snacks, pantry staples, household goods and much more — everything you’ll need to stock a clean home.


We reviewed hundreds of submissions to narrow down the field to these outstanding products. We tasted them, scrutinized the ingredients and examined the packaging. Here’s a glance at the criteria we used to select this year’s winners.

1. GREEN PACKAGING. Choosing products with recyclable packaging and companies with an anti-landfill policy are key considerations for us.

2. THE CONVENIENCE FACTOR. Products should make your life easier – and we found plenty that do just that, saving you loads of time in the kitchen.

3. ON TREND. We always keep you in the know on the newest must-try products and ingredients – this year, keep an eye out for our new adaptogen and gut health categories!

4. CLEAN, WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS. Every winning product has been vetted for its ingredient list, with no additives, preservatives or fillers.

5. THE TASTE TEST. Our judges tried every single product in this guide to ensure it meets our high-standards for taste. Because what good is a healthy product if it doesn’t taste good?

6. TEXTURE, TOO. Mouthfeel counts, too, so we look for snacks with just the right crunch and rich, creamy treats.

7. EFFECTIVE & NONTOXIC. We examine the ingredient list for all household products to ensure they are free of harmful ingredients, as well as run them through the Environmental Working Group’s database (if applicable) to ensure they have an “A” or “B” rating for safety against harmful toxins. We also test them vigorously to make sure they’re effective.

8. EASY TO FIND. Most of the winners are available in stores nationwide. In a few cases, we made an exception for a unique item that was worth ordering online.

9. ORGANIC, SUSTAINABLE & GMO-FREE. Our philosophy focuses on organic, sustainably sourced and GMO-free foods, and we selected only products that are in line with that.