2019 Clean Choice Awards

2019 Clean Choice Awards

2019 Clean Eating Clean Choice Awards

50 Game-Changing Products On Shelves Now 

This year, we honed in on the products that surprised and delighted us, searching for items that benefit the environment, going beyond reusable to redefine packaging or rethink single-use application. Foods and beverages not only had to wow the taste buds of the Clean Eating team, but they also had to appeal to those of our readers, whose opinions we value dearly. Readers and friends were invited to the CE office for an evening of tasting, where we listened to feedback. Finally, we chose products that were not just on trend but so creative and fresh that we felt like we were experiencing something new.

Because we know you don’t need more unnecessary junk in your life.

Because we know you value your money.

These are the top 50 – only the best.

Our Clean Criteria

We sifted through hundreds of submissions in the months leading up to this year’s awards. In addition to taste, texture and mouthfeel, we had a few more requirements that helped separate the good from the great. Here’s what we sought out this year:

1. Innovation

A product worthy of making room on your already- crowded pantry shelves is one that offers solutions to existing problems and sets new trends. We were thrilled to see creative answers for typically junk-filled energy drinks and toxic dryer sheets and better-for- you versions of staples like mayonnaise and nut milks, to name a few. We’re betting that a number of these winners will be the trendsetters for the year to come.

2. Delight

We were lucky to be innundated with choice, having received more than 600 products this year. And it was clear which products truly stood out from the pack - these are the ones that we kept in our fridges, tucked away in our drawers and stashed for later when there was only one left.

3. Convenience

We know our readers lead busy lives (as do we!), so having something that we can pop in our bags while commuting or snack on between meals, sip out and about, or dollop onto a dish to add depth of flavor is what we are all about.

Reader Panel

Eliciting feedback was one way we ensured that our list was diverse and reflective of our wide range of readers. We gathered a group of 30 at our Toronto office for a tasting soiree and then let the floodgates open. With open hearts and curious minds, we listened to the questions, the comments and the critiques. For most categories, we let readers choose a winner.

Eco Heroes

Shining a spotlight on sustainable products was another way we wanted to meet our readers’ needs for more responsible choices. We looked for items that had a recyclable component or packaging that could be reused. We admire companies that work to regenerate the planet’s resources or team with established institutions and groups to protect wildlife and ecosystems.