Clean Diet

Breathe Easier

A 10-year study conducted on European adults has drawn a link between an increased intake of tomatoes and apples and the protection and restoration of lung function, especially in former smokers.

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STALLING TIME: As reported in the European Respiratory Journal, over 600 men and women underwent a lung capacity test before and after the study and were asked to record how frequently they ate certain foods. After looking at the data, researchers determined that those who ate more fresh sources of tomatoes and fruits (especially apples) exhibited better lung function, leading study authors to conclude that boosting your servings of these nutrient-rich fruits can help save your lungs from the passage of time – a benefit that had showed even greater promise in ex-smokers.

PROMISING DATA: Of course, studies like this are limited – when asked after the fact how often they eat certain foods, people tend to estimate in whichever direction makes them look best. Still, it’s encouraging that even accounting for other factors like gender, age and BMI, researchers still found a link – and that these results did not extend to those who ate more non-fresh sources of these fruits. (Think ketchup.) The moral of the story? Choose fresh apples or tomatoes over processed sauces to breathe easier into your golden years.