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Five Do’s and Don’ts for an Orderly Kitchen

The best tips and tricks to keeping a clean, orderly kitchen throughout the year by organization experts.

Do: Establish Space For Keys

Have an area near your front door where your keys, purse, mail, and other items live, according to Peter Walsh. That way, those things don’t end up making their way into your kitchen or getting lost.

Don’t: Transfer All Pantry Items to Containers

Most of the time this is wasted effort, according to certified professional organizer Lorie Marrero. Her advice is to use containers selectively – they’re mostly necessary for items you pick up in the bulk department. She also suggests choosing rectangular and square containers over rounded jars to use your space most efficiently.

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Do: Clean Out Empty Containers Yearly

Do a reckoning of your food storage containers at least once a year advises Marrero. She suggests matching up each container with the lid it belongs to and separating out any “orphans” that remain. Save the orphan containers and lids in a bag for a week before donating them to Goodwill – that way if their mates turn up, she says, you can still rescue them from the orphan bag in time.

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Don’t: Label everything in Your Pantry

Marrero says if you have a jar of fig bars in there, for example, you don’t need to label them. But if you have multiple flours in containers that all look the same, definitely label them. Marrero is a proponent of labeling your shelves, however, to keep track of where everything belongs in the pantry.

Do: Go Digital

Going digital saves space in your kitchen. Marrero suggests using software such as Evernote to organize your favorite recipes and read them off your tablet while you cook – that way you don’t have to keep all your cookbooks in the kitchen. Alternatively, she suggests scanning and printing recipes and keeping them in a binder in the kitchen for quick access.

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