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How To Prepare Your Pie Crust

Four simple steps to rolling out your perfect whole-grain pie crust!
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1. Use our Extra-Easy Whole-Grain Pie Crust recipe to make your dough. Squeeze dough together into a singular mound and pat it down into a disc, about 1/2-inch thick. Using a rolling pin, roll dough out into 12 inches in diameter.

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2. Set rolling pin at bottom edge of dough and gently roll dough onto pin, so that dough drapes over pin. Transfer dough to pie dish. Gently press dough into the edges of the dish and up the sides.

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3. Fold excess dough under and pinch, creating a roughly 1/2-inch rim.

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4. Using your fingers, or with the tines of a fork, crimp entire rim. Poke dough all over with a fork to create steam holes.