Clean Diet

Jazz Up Your Water

There's nothing quite like water to hydrate our bodies, inside and out! Add some flavor to your H2O without adding sugar, salt or additives!

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Your body and brain are 60% water, so it’s a smart idea to drink up. Sports drinks and concentrated fruit juices with preservatives and added sugar pale in comparison to homemade flavored water, which bumps up daily consumption of replenishing fluids without sugar, salt, calories or additives. Plus the addition of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices to your water will help boost your intake of antioxidants and vitamins while also encouraging you to happily meet your H2O quota of eight glasses per day.

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Try adding these ingredients to 2 quarts of cold water for a pure, clean quench, infused with immune-boosters and anti-inflammatories:

  • Skinny rounds of 1 small skin-on cucumber yield cool refreshment.
  • Sliced citrus fruits squeeze in palate-cleansing nutrients.
  • Basil, mint, and stalks of lemongrass swirl in subtle herby notes.
  • A 1-inch chunk of peeled, fresh ginger, cut into thin discs, spices up a chilly sip.