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Pineberries: The New Fruit You’ll Love For Summer

Try a new berry on for size this summer with this nutritious strawberrylike fruit that tastes like pineapple.

Though sometimes mistaken as a genetically modified fruit, the pineberry is actually a fragrant hybrid of the South American strawberry variety Fragaria chiloensis and the North American strawberry variety Fragaria virginiana, which results in a conical white berry with red seeds. You’ll find these soft, juicy berries in small quantities at gourmet grocers and specialty food stores.

Market names: White pineberry, pineberry strawberry, pineapple strawberry
Season: Spring to early summer.
Prep it: Wash just before eating, as moisture will shorten their shelf life.

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How to Store Pineberries

These berries are delicate and highly perishable, so keep them refrigerated until ready to eat and enjoy them as soon as possible.

What to Eat with Pineberries

Can be used the same way as regular strawberries in desserts and salads, but these sweet, aromatic berries are best enjoyed fresh or as a garnish. They also pair nicely with soft cheeses, such as burrata and goat cheese.

The Health benefits of Pineberries

A good source of vitamins A, C and folate. This super berry is great for strengthening your immune system and for supporting heart health.

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