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Reboot Your Health in 4 Weeks

Our Clean Eating dietitians are bringing you an online, anti-inflammatory program that leverages nourishing foods and intermittent fasting to combat chronic inflammation, ease digestive issues and help you manage your weight.

Registered dietitians Erin Macdonald and Tiffani Bachus know that inflammation is at the core of a myriad of health conditions – in fact, they see it regularly in their practice. “Most of our clients come to us complaining of digestive issues, fatigue, brain fog, exhaustion, pain and stubborn weight gain,” explains Macdonald. “By changing their food – eliminating inflammatory foods and nourishing with anti-inflammatory foods – we’ve seen them report a significant reduction in symptoms in a matter of a few days and nearly complete resolution in one to two weeks.”

Not only do Macdonald and Bachus see the power of anti-inflammatory eating and a food-as-medicine approach in healing their clients, but they’ve experienced it themselves. “I struggle with similar complaints in addition to a chronic injury,” says Bachus. “When I completely change my diet to focus on healing, anti-inflammatory foods, I see a major difference in my pain, energy and digestion in just two to three days.”

You might be surprised to learn that their science-backed anti-inflammatory program isn’t only about the foods you eat, though – it’s also about when you eat them. A major tenet of their signature program is intermittent fasting whereby you narrow the window of time in the day in which you eat. Fasting allows the digestive system to rest and heal and has a positive influence on the gut microbiome, the balance of bacteria, yeast and other microbes living in the digestive tract. Ultimately, the dietitians use intermittent fasting as a tool in their own practice to help clients with a number of inflammatory conditions.

But you don’t have to be a client in their clinical practice to achieve the benefits of their holistic, anti-inflammatory program. Macdonald and Bachus are now bringing their expertise to you online in Clean Eating’s upcoming four-week challenge,
Real Food Reboot 2.0. Designed to be a follow-up to
Clean Eating’s ever-popular original Real Food Reboot, this newest version focuses on helping to reverse chronic inflammation to help relieve conditions such as arthritis, help you lose weight, improve your mood and so much more. Another addition in this newest installment of the challenge is a focus on intermittent fasting – how to get started and make it work within your lifestyle. 

How do you know if your health issues are tied to inflammation and if this program could benefit you? You may have been diagnosed with an inflammatory condition such as osteoarthritis. However, many people suffer from chronic inflammation without even knowing it. Try taking our easy quiz to find out where you fall on the inflammation scale.

The Results Are In: Past Participants Share Their Experiences on CE’s Real Food Reboot 

Terry Salmonson Felhaber

I’m happy to report that the insatiable cravings are gone. I’m learning to cook and substitute other foods that taste great but are healthier. My silent reflux is no longer keeping me up at night with its burning sensation. I lost 11.6 pounds. Thank you, Tiffani and Erin, for a great course and learning experience. 

Marianne DePasqua 

I’m a diabetic (on oral meds but not insulin), and the impact on my blood sugar was incredible – on all of my blood work. I feel more energetic, I’m less foggy and I managed to lose weight. The best thing about this reboot is the flexibility, and I also re-prioritized sleep and now rarely get less than seven to eight hours a night. 

Victoria Vastalo

I have never gone this long without “treating” myself to sugar. I didn’t think it would be possible. I feel amazing, and I’m now looking at food in a completely new way. Thank you, Tiffani and Erin, for providing this much-needed re-education to us all.

Real-Food Reboot 2.0

Embark on a 28-day journey to reset your health with a complete guide to eating real, anti-inflammatory food and fasting: two of the most impactful wellness practices you can adopt for disease prevention, weight loss, better digestion, improved energy, focus and mood. Course Launches: September 14, 2020.
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