A Smarter Way to Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs

Pamela Salzman, of our online course Batch Cooking 101, shares her pro tip for peeling eggs.
Bowl of hard-boiled eggs

Batch boiling eggs gives you an easy supply of quick protein to use through the week.

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Eggs! Who doesn’t love them? They provide a wonderful, healthy source of protein, and are incredibly versatile.

When I’m batch cooking on Sundays, the one thing I always do is hard-boil a mess of eggs to have on hand through the week. Spending just that small amount of time cooking ahead always pays dividends throughout the week, whether I eat an egg plain, for an on-the-go shot of protein for breakfast, or slice a few up and add them to my favorite salad.

The only tricky part: Getting those shells off cleanly and easily! In this video, I’ll show you my surprise trick for peeling them—no muss, no fuss.

Recipes to Try:

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Tarragon & Basil Egg Salad with Quinoa

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