Clean Diet

Sweet Snacking

You’ll never run out of healthy snack ideas with these tasty fruit- and veggie-studded foods and drinks, loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

6. Totes Oats


The dairy-free Hälsa Organic Strawberry Oatgurt contains oats, strawberry, apple juice, pea protein and live and active cultures for a probiotic boost and refreshing pick-me-up. 

$2.50 per 8 oz, for where to buy

3. Snacking Essential

Pressed by KIND fruit bars

When you need something to tide you over, these Pressed by KIND fruit bars (flavored with 100% fruit like pineapple, banana, kale and spinach) keep energy level high – and “hangry” level low. 

$2 each,; try Strawberry Apple Chia at

1. Truffle Bites

That's It Bites

These luscious fruit bites contain just dark chocolate, apple and cherry with nary a preservative in sight.

$14 per box,; try Dark Chocolate Fig Truffles on

4. Good for the Gut

Forager Project’s Simple Greens Probiotic Smoothie

Forager Project’s Simple Greens Probiotic Smoothie contains probiotics and a creamy blend of organic cashew milk, greens, dates, coconut cream, citrus and chia for digestive and immune-system support. 

$5, for where to buy

5. Satisfying Sticks


Packed with fiber, vitamin A and potassium, Rhythm Superfoods Organic Carrot Sticks in Sea Salt can be added to salad for a crunchy topper or enjoyed straight out of the bag. 

$4,; also on

2. Get Fruity

Veggie Go's Berry, Apple and Spinach Fruit and Veggie Strips

Veggie-Go’s Berry, Apple and Spinach Fruit and Veggie Strips provide one full serving of fruit and veggies per strip with no added sugar. 

$1.50 each, for where to buy; try Veggie-Go’s Strawberry, Apple + Sweet Potato Organic Fruit Leather on

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