The Chemical Conundrum

An added benefit to keeping your home toxin-free is a lowered risk of weight gain.
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The Chemical Conundrum

While we already know that exercising regularly and eating clean are key for maintaining a healthy weight, it turns out that limiting exposure to certain chemicals in your home may also play a key role. According to research presented at the European Society of Endocrinology’s annual meeting, environmental exposure to a specific type of chemical that promotes weight gain could be one of the factors in the rising global obesity epidemic. 

Harm in the Household: After reviewing a series of recent epidemiological surveys and animal studies, a Portuguese research group led by Ana Catarina Sousa, PhD, presented findings suggesting that the highest exposure to obesogens – chemicals that can increase the chances of gaining weight – occurs inside the home. Some of the biggest offenders include the obesogens found in household dust, in some packaged and canned foods, and in some cleaning products, kitchenware and makeup. 

Precautionary Measures: The researchers provided a few easy-to-implement recommendations that many clean eaters are likely already following: opting for fresh foods over processed, purchasing pesticide-free produce, reaching for glass food-storage containers instead of plastic, removing shoes before entering the home (which can introduce outdoor pollutants) and vacuuming frequently or removing carpet altogether to reduce dust.