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The Coffee Connection

Just the smell of coffee could boost your brain power
The Coffee Connection

Boost your brain power with a whiff of coffee

Whether you’re a coffee lover or not, the scent of a cup of joe could be the answer to helping improve your analytical abilities. Smelling coffee has a similar effect to imbibing the hot beverage, according to recent findings in the Journal of Environmental Psychology. Researchers at the Stevens School of Business administered the GMAT algebra test to two groups of students. Half completed the test in an unscented room, while the other group did so in a room filled with a coffee aroma. The group working in the fragrance-filled room scored higher, and when surveyed after the exam, they expected they would have better results. Researchers posit that even though the scent of coffee has no caffeine in it, the well-established connection between mental alertness and drinking the beverage creates the expectation of increased accuracy and vigilance through the scent alone. 

TRY IT OUT: Of course, the easiest way to enjoy the aroma of coffee is to brew up a batch and enjoy the benefits of a cup. If you’re not a fan, try a coffee-based body scrub or cleanser to perk up your mind and morning.