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Food & Health News

New Cookbooks, New Nutrition Guidelines & More

A cookbook designed to ease anxiety, a new set of guidelines to help prevent food waste and an Eastern tradition making big waves in the West.

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OJAS STUDIO Date & Grain Bite

Veda In Vogue

Ayurveda has been popping up in snacks, supps, skin care and more in the past year. This traditional Eastern medicine is one of the earliest practices to recognize the connection between the mind and the body.
This is achieved by balancing the five elements, water, fire, earth, air and ether, through foods, meditations and other wellness practices (such as dry brushing and tongue scraping). Whether you believe in the concept or not, we love seeing a more holistic approach in products. TRY: The balanced blend of blood sugar–stabilizing spices in OJAS STUDIO Vata- inspired Cardamom, Cinnamon and Walnut Bites to help curb the hangries. We’re looking forward to more grounding goodies in the future. $11,

Eat More Plants book

Virtuous Veggies 

Desiree Nielson, RD, brings bold, bright flavors and inspired ideas to her cookbook, Eat More Plants: Over 100 Anti-Inflammatory, Plant-Based Recipes for Vibrant Living. Nielson makes the plant-focused dishes feel fresh by featuring a variety of cuisines. Recipes are designed to combat the harmful effects of chronic stress and free radicals. Some faves include Socca Pizza with Zucchini, Olives and Basil, Mujadara Neat-Balls in Spiced Tomato Sauce and istachio and Cardamom Doughnuts with Rosewater Glaze. The book also includes a 21-day meal plan, a chapter on how to transition to a fully plant-based diet (including the tools and staple ingredients) and tips on incorporating medicinal plants into your diet. $26, Penguin Canada 

The Anti-Anxiety Cookbook

Stress-Free Supper 

One in four Americans suffers from an anxiety disorder or depression, according to a survey completed by the National Institute of Mental Health. The Anti-Anxiety Cookbook aims to help alleviate some of that suffering by sharing ideas on how to remove nutritional stressors like meat, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, caffeine and alcohol. Author Jennifer Browne has created recipes centered around ingredients that are good sources of magnesium, zinc and B vitamins, all of which help promote calm and have been shown to lessen nervousness and tension. $25, Skyhorse Publishing 

Our Harlem audiobook

Soul Food 

Take a walking tour of one of New York’s most savory neighborhoods with its adopted son, Marcus Samuelsson, in Our Harlem: Seven Days of Cooking, Music and Soul at the Red Rooster. Samuelsson cooks with notable Harlemites, exploring and explaining the development of some of the area’s defining dishes (like collard greens and cornbread). The audio download comes with a PDF of recipes from The Red Rooster Cookbook. $30, 

Expiry Date Decode  

If you’ve been confused by the terms “Best Before” and “Sell By” on food packaging, you’re not alone. A 2007 survey by the FDA indicated that less than half of consumers were able to distinguish the difference between these terms. With more than 133 billion pounds of food wasted each year, and an estimated 20% of that due to confusion over date labeling, the FDA has recently come up with a solution. “Best if Used By” indicates that after a specific date, the product may not taste or perform as expected but is still safe to eat, while “Use By” applies to perishable products that should be consumed by the date on the package, after which it should be discarded. Look for these new labels on products on supermarket shelves now.