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Try These Pizzas At Home

Bring the pizzeria menu home with these ingredient combinations, an international parade of pizzas sure to have the family shouting "mama mia"!

Baja Shrimp Pizza

The unique Baja region boasts California flair fused with Mexican flavors. Try a thin crust topped with tomato sauce, grilled shrimp, sliced sweet bell peppers, sliced red onion and low-fat feta cheese. Then sprinkle on chopped fresh cilantro after baking.

Hola Amigo
No need for a siesta after this light Mexican-inspired pizza. Top a standard-size crust with tomato salsa, corn, black beans, sweet bell peppers, grilled chicken breast, sliced jalapeño peppers (optional) and low-fat mozzarella cheese. After baking, garnished with cilantro, green onion and sliced avocado.

The Devil Eats Pizza (aka Red Pizza)
The White Pizza’s saucy little cousin. A tomato sauce base with red chile flakes mixed in, topped with roasted red peppers, sliced red onion, halved grape tomatoes and goat cheese.

A Whole-wheat pita is the perfect base for this Greek-inspired pie. Hummus acts as the base, topped with oregano, grilled chicken breast, red pepper, onion, Kalamata olives and low-fat feta cheese. Opa!

Coco Loco
Enjoy the sweet and spicy flavors of the Caribbean. Mango salsa (diced mango, minced jalapeño, diced red onion, sweet bell pepper and cilantro) combines with flaked whitefish of your choice, unsweetened shredded coconut and low-fat mozzarella cheese.

Spicy Aphrodite
A pizza fit for the goddess of love herself! A base of spicy roasted red pepper purée is topped with jarred water-packed artichoke hearts (drained), grilled onions and low-fat feta cheese.

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