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Why Adding More Copper To Your Diet Will Burn Fat

Could copper be the key to weight loss?

A key to successful fat loss could be copper. A recent study published in Nature Chemical Biology has found that the essential trace mineral is crucial for metabolizing fat cells and turning them into energy.

A nutrient that can be obtained only from food, copper is necessary for the absorption of iron, development of red blood cells and immune system support. Lead researcher Christopher Chang, a faculty scientist at Berkeley Lab’s Chemical Sciences Division and a University of California Berkeley professor of chemistry, says copper acts as a regulator, so the more copper that is consumed by the body, the more fat is broken down.

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“Your body has natural pathways to either turn on or turn off fat burning depending on your need for energy, like when you exercise,” says Chang. “Copper promotes fat burning by blocking the cycle that normally turns it off.” Aim to consume 700 micrograms of copper each day from food by loading up your plate with copper-rich eats such as leafy greens, mushrooms, nuts, oysters and shellfish.