4 Clean, Dairy-Free Recipes from Dina Cheney

Got nut milk? Try these flavorful dairy-free recipes from Clean Eating contributor Dina Cheney's new cookbook.

A regular contributor to Clean Eating, Dina Cheney is the author of 6 cookbooks. In her latest titled The New Milks; 100-Plus Dairy-Free Recipes for Making and Cooking with Soy, Nut, Seed, Grain, and Coconut Milks, Cheney explores different dairy-free milk options and includes recipes for cooking and baking. We promise you won’t miss butter or milk in these four delicious and creative recipes.

Photo by Sabra Krock.

1. Matcha Milk

Matcha, finely ground powder from green tea, gives this milk its bright green color and a boost of antioxidants.

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2. “Buttermilk” Almond Waffles with Warm Berry Sauce

These golden brown waffles are crisp and suffused with almond flavor. Feel free to garnish with lightly toasted slivered almonds. The batter is versatile and can also be used for pancakes. Before juicing, zest the lemons.

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3. Strawberries with Pistachio Cream

This nourishing dessert pairs red strawberries with pale green, luscious pistachio cream. It’s also delicious with almond, hazelnut or macadamia nut cream.

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4. Apple Cobbler with Golden Raisins and Nuts

Hazelnut milk and almond flour add sweet, rich, nutty flavor to this fall dessert.

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