4 Top Clean Frozen Desserts

No additives here! These healthy(ish) ice creams and pops are 100% CE-approved.

The search for a healthy frozen dessert can be a real challenge as conventional ice creams are laced with sugar, artificial ingredients and fillers. But it doesn’t have to be that way – these health-conscious ice pop and ice cream producers are shunning unhealthy additions like sugar, carrageenan and modified milk ingredients in exchange for herbs, real fruit, whole milk, raw honey and even tea. Who knew it could be so easy to find the clean, luscious iced dessert of your dreams?

Make your own! Try our recipe for Sweet Potato Ice Cream. 

1. Tea-Infused Cream

For a floral and sweet-tart treat, Tea-rrific! Ice Cream in Lavender’s Blueberry contains wild Maine blueberry purée that’s infused with soothing lavender and Darjeeling tea. It’s enhanced by subtle notes of fresh-squeezed lemon juice and fleur de sel.

$10, tearrificicecream.comfor where to buy 

2. Lusciously Dairy-Free

Enveloped in flavors of cocoa, raw cacao, clover honey and Madagascar vanilla, Original Living Coconut Dairy-Free Coconut Ice Cream in Chocolate contains organic raw coconut cream for a concoction that tastes just as rich and indulgent as its dairy equivalent.

$42 per 4 14-oz tubs,

3. Purely Vanilla

Three Twins Madagascar Vanilla is a USDA-certified organic ice cream made from milk, cream, Madagascar vanilla extract and evaporated cane juice for a decadently cleaned-up dessert.

$5 to 6 per pint, for where to buy 

4. Fresh & Fruity Pop

Strawberry basil is just one delicious flavor from The Hyppo’s customizable gourmet ice pop box. Blended fresh and flash frozen, this lip-smacking pop contains strawberries, basil, sea salt and evaporated cane juice for a delectably sweet and savory snack.

$101 per box of 27 pops (includes shipping),