The Bold Holiday Menu

Want to shake things up this holiday? Try our bold menu featuring pork loin roast, potato gratin, farro & fruit dressing and fiery cranberry sauce.

1. The Centerpiece

Get the recipe: Pork Loin Roast with Butternut Fontina Stuffing 

2. The Bold Side

Get the recipe: Fennel-Scented Potato Gratin

3. A Unique Spin on a Classic

Get the recipe: Farro & Dried Fruit Dressing

spicy cranberry sauce

4. The Spicy Topper

Get the recipe: Fiery Cranberry Sauce

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5. Your Easy Make-Ahead Game Plan

Up to 3 days ahead:

The day before:

The day of:

  • Bring pork to room temperature, then complete preparation.
  • Bring dressing to room temperature
  • Prepare ingredients for Fennel-Scented Potato Gratin

Within 1 hour of serving:

  • Complete dressing
  • Complete potatoes