Small Habits With Big Eco Impact

With a few easy tweaks and our delicious plant-based recipes on hand, make your diet and lifestyle more sustainable for a better tomorrow.

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Are you ready to do more for the environment? You can start right at home – and we’re here to help!

Eco awareness is spreading more than ever before, and for good reason. As more people look for ways to support the planet and eliminate wasteful habits, sustainable practices are becoming the norm. But getting started can be a bit overwhelming. Which changes make the most difference – and which should you skip? How can you work towards sustainability every day?

Sustainability doesn’t require you to totally overhaul your lifestyle. You can make positive changes with some simple tweaks to your routine, and then grow from there. By taking a closer look at what you’re buying, using and eating, you can opt for more eco-friendly swaps.

Learn how to hack your current habits and make them more sustainable with these 6 easy changes.

You can reduce your footprint by taking would-be trash – like food scraps – and using them in your recipes. Learn how to upcycle your kitchen scraps into different dishes with these 12 ideas.

And you can put all of these eco principles into practice with our collection of plant-based recipes below.

Comfort Vegan White Bean Chili

Comfort Vegan White Bean Chili
(Photo: Roberto Caruso)

Miso is the secret ingredient that adds a subtle umami flavor to this plant-based chili. This is a great dish to use up any leftover ingredients you might have on hand as a topping. Get the recipe here.

“Cheesy” Scalloped Potatoes

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes
(Photo: Roberto Caruso)

Nutritional yeast and nondairy Parmesan combine for a cheese-like flavor without any dairy at all. We keep the skins on the potatoes for added fiber and to avoid waste. Get the recipe here.

Loaded Thai-Style Lettuce Cups

Loaded Thai-Style Lettuce Cups
(Photo: Roberto Caruso)

While many Thai recipes use fish sauce, here we created a tamari-based sauce that relies on plant-based ingredients such as lemongrass and vegetarian oyster sauce for a new take on the original. Get the recipe here.

The Ultimate Plant-Based “Meat”

The Ultimate Plant-Based Meat
(Photo: Roberto Caruso)

Plant-based “meats” are popping up in every grocery store and burger joint – but most of them contain unhealthy additives. We’ve taken on the challenge of creating a better-for-you meat replacement. Using all plant-based ingredients, this savory umami blend uses beans, nuts and rice for a mixture that can be used in virtually any context – think burgers, meatballs or even tacos. Get the recipe here.

Falafel Pizza

Falafel Pizza
(Photo: Roberto Caruso)

We’ve combined two of your favorite meals in one with this falafel-inspired pizza. A seasoned chickpea salad is piled over a homemade naan bread and then smothered in a fresh, herby nondairy yogurt sauce. Get the recipe here.