The Effortless Holiday Menu

No one wants to spend the holiday cooking in the kitchen. Our effortless and easy holiday menu will help you cook an amazing feast–without the added stress.

For a speedier take on the traditional holiday meal, try our Effortless Menu, complete with an easy make-ahead game plan. With delectable recipes like Lemon- & Rosemary-Stuffed Turkey Breast and quick Cumin-Roasted Potatoes, you’ll be able to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your loved ones.

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1. The Centerpiece: Lemon- & Rosemary-Stuffed Turkey Breast

This lemony roast stuffed with Parmesan and panko takes a bit of attention before it goes into the oven, but you’ll be rewarded with a turkey that avoids the last-minute muss and fuss of carving. After cooking, all you do is slice and serve.

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2. The Topper: Vanilla-Laced Cranberry Sauce

This sauce features round, floral notes of vanilla to complement the tart sweetness of the cranberries. To make the recipe even more quickly, you could use two teaspoons of vanilla extract, but it won’t have the same depth of flavor – or the pretty vanilla-speckled look – of the whole bean.

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3. The side: Cumin-Roasted Potatoes

Serving roasted potatoes means you’re not a slave to the stove; the oven does the work and you get more time with your guests.

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4. The Stuffing: Apple & Blue Cheese Dressing

This fruity dressing with fresh marjoram and pungent blue cheese marries well with both sweet and savory dishes on the holiday table.

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5. The Sweet Finish: Spiced Chocolate Mousse

Yogurt and cream combine to create this extra-velvety mousse. We suggest opting for organic and/or pasture-raised dairy whenever possible.

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The Game Plan: The Effortless Holiday Menu

Up to 5 days ahead:
1. Prepare Vanilla-Laced Cranberry Sauce. Cover and refrigerate.

The day before:
1. Prepare Lemon- & Rosemary-Stuffed Turkey Breast with Lemon Orange Pan Sauce through Step 3. Cover and refrigerate.
2. Prepare Apple & Blue Cheese Dressing through Step 3. Cover and refrigerate.

The day of:
1. Bring turkey to room temperature, then complete preparation.
2. Bring dressing to room temperature.
3. Prepare ingredients for Cumin-Roasted Potatoes.

Within 1 hour of serving:
1. Complete dressing.
2. Complete potatoes.

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