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Want to be an eco hero?

Consider these 4 ways you can contribute to climate-change solutions every day.

1. Vote with your fork. What you eat is tied to food policy, from local issues to national bills (such as the Farm Bill). Stay informed about food and agriculture legislation, and contact your local and state representatives to make your voice heard.

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2. Plant a pollinator-friendly habitat. Check your local garden center for plants that help boost biodiversity and are natural to your climate, zone and water.

3. Join the “ultra local” food movement. Apps like Vinder (think Tinder for veggies) connect home gardeners with community members looking for produce, offering ultra-local, just-picked fruits and veg at a discount.

4. Pick one issue you care deeply about and get involved. What matters most to you, and how can you serve that mission? From starting a community garden to tackling food waste, bringing fresh local foods to school lunch programs or working to improve health-food access, opportunities await to connect with others in your community and create meaningful change.