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Ask the Doc

Why Glyteine Should Be on Everyone’s Radar

A new Johnson & Johnson award-winning ingredient may be the next frontier in immunity supplementation.

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Glyteine is a patented ingredient developed by scientists and biologists in Australia, and because it has so many therapeutic possibilities, it won the coveted “Next In Naturals Quickfire Challenge on Immune Support” award given by Johnson & Johnson for outstanding innovation in a consumer product. And that’s a very big deal.

But there’s no way to get you excited about the potential impact of glyteine on your health without explaining what it does — which is to make glutathione.


The Master Antioxidant

Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant and you can read about it in dozens of reputable places online, including, which contains nearly every study in the National Institute of Health library ever done on glutathione, and there are many. For the purposes of this short answer, trust me that glutathione is the undisputedly most important antioxidant in the body.

And glutathione is incredibly important for the immune system. In fact, one COVID victim was literally brought back from the dead by emergency intravenous glutathione treatment.

So there’s no doubt or controversy about the value of glutathione to our health. Glutathione depletion is implicated in virtually every chronic disease and it is positively essential for the immune system.

The problem is, glutathione supplements don’t work. The oral supplements just don’t make it past the stomach and are broken down before they can get into the cell. And that’s why you don’t see a lot of glutathione supplements from reputable manufacturers.

The only way to increase glutathione is to trick the body into making more of it. The new word for this kind of thing is “biohacking” and I’m all for it. If you can trick your body into doing things we want it to do — like building muscle, burning fat, or making more glutathione — and we can do it without doing anything dangerous or destructive, I’m 100% in.

And that’s where glyteine comes in.

Unfortunately, you’ll need a quick 3-sentence biochemistry lesson to make sense of this, but please read on. I promise I won’t glaze your eyes over, and it’ll be over in just a minute.

The Nerdy Part

Glutathione is composed of three amino acids — cysteine, glutamate and glycine. The first step to making glutathione is the most difficult — an enzyme joins the first and second amino acid to make a compound with a name no one on earth should ever be made to pronounce: Gammaglutamate cysteine, or GGC. Once GGC is formed, the rest is easy. Another enzyme now tags on a glyceine molecule, and bam! You’ve got yourself some glutathione.

(I told you it wouldn’t be so bad!)

The real problem is making the GGC in the first place. We have less and less of that first critical enzyme as we get older, meaning we keep making less and less GGC as we age. And without GGC, there’s no glutathione.

So What’s Glyteine?

Glyteine is GGC — a patented form of it. The two compounds are interchangeable — except you can ingest glyteine as an oral supplement (while you make GGC in your body). Discovered by Australian scientists, it actually is a “preformed” version of GGC, the first step in glutathione synthesis. Once the body has some glyteine, you can have a continual source of the most important antioxidant in the body.

Unfortunately, glyteine isn’t yet widely available in the US, but don’t worry, it’s coming. Right now, the only commercial company available here that has glyteine as an ingredient is Continual-G, (clever name, get it?) But now that glyteine has won the Johnson & Johnson innovation award, it’s a pretty good bet that it will start showing up in US products this year!

When it does, take a look. It’ll be worth it. Early studies have shown that glyteine actually does increase glutathione, and glutathione is one of the best weapons your body has against viruses, bacteria and virtually every other nasty microbe you can think of.

NOTE: You can read more about glyteine and the research behind it on this info-only (no sales) website.

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