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Reluctant Cook

I don't cook, so how can I prepare clean-eating food?

You don’t have to be a master chef to eat clean. There are many food options that are delicious and healthy that are as easy to make as toast. Visit your local grocer and look for precooked chicken breasts or water-packed tuna. Wander over to the produce section and pick up a container of baby spinach or salad greens. While you’re there, pick up a few tomatoes, baby carrots and other veggies that are tempting you. And a juicy lemon will do nicely for the dressing. So far, you haven’t cooked a thing!

Make life simple by choosing foods that are easily assembled into a clean-eating meal. Plan to have leftovers on purpose. Boil 12 eggs instead of one – that way, you’ll have extras, and boiling an egg is simple stuff. Grill or bake several chicken breasts instead of just one – again, you’ll have extras on hand for the next meal. I like to call it “assembly cooking” – this is especially helpful when you use a wrap as your base. Line up goodies like hummus, grilled tofu or chicken, sliced tomato, sprouts and more of your favorites and create your own version of a gourmet wrap.