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Health & Fitness

6 Anxiety-Fighting Products That Can Help Soothe Your Symptoms

When anxiety and its symptoms strike, these natural and clean products will help you restore calm.

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Feeling anxious? You absolutely aren’t alone – in recent years, we’ve all become more anxious, more on edge and more frazzled by the stress of our everyday lives. The American Psychiatric Association reports that the rate of adults who suffer from anxiety is on the rise, too, jumping from 11 percent to 25 percent in the last three years. Today, anxiety disorders are among the most common mental health issues. And if you’ve ever suffered anxiety’s symptoms or an anxiety attack, it can be completely debilitating. Fortunately, there are products that can offer anxiety-fighting properties and deliver soothing, calming effects.

The following six products are some of the best for combatting anxiety. Whether you use them daily or only when anxiety symptoms appear, each one can help you reduce stress, soothe an anxious mind and bring you back to a place of calm.

1. California Design Den Chunky Hand-Knitted Weighted Blanket

California Design Den Weighted Blanket
(Photo: California Design Den)

Weighted blankets are proven anxiety-fighting tools, as the added weight can lessen its effects. According to research, laying underneath a weighted blanket can potentially result in as much as a 60 to 63 percent decrease in anxiety.

The California Design Den Chunky Hand-Knitted Weighted Blanket is just what you need in a quality weighted blanket. Made out of 100 percent premium-quality cotton, its fabric won’t pill or fade. As an added bonus, unlike other weighted blankets, this one is hand-knitted and includes no frustrating filler. It’s breathable, cozy and can even help you stay cool while it’s in use. Plus, we love that it’s eco-friendly – this blanket is ethically made and produced in a green facility.


2. Baked Beauty Co. Lavender Bath Salts

Baked Beauty Lavender Bath Salts
(Photo: Baked Beauty Co.)

A steamy hot soak in your bathtub is a great way to relieve stress and an anxious mind. But instead of opting for regular sudsy soap or bath salts, why not try an extra-soothing blend? Baked Beauty Co. offers a blend of lavender-scented bath salts that include 200 milligrams of CBD for some extra anxiety-fighting power and potency.

These bath salts offer a double dose of soothing ingredients. They feature therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil, which research has shown can reduce anxiety, agitation and nervousness while helping to calm the mind. And the bath salts are also infused with cannabis – specifically, cannabidiol (CBD) – to reduce inflammation and help you relax. CBD has been found to offer potential relief for anxiety, and its naturally relaxing properties will take an already calming bath to new heights.

$28 for 200 mg,

3. Calmigo Smart Calming Companion

Calmigo Smart Calming Companion
(Photo: Calmigo)

Anxiety can literally take your breath away – but the good news is that practicing calming breathing techniques can combat both feelings of anxiety and the symptoms of an anxiety attack. Having go-to breathing exercises can help you feel calmer and in control.

With the Calmigo Smart Calming Companion, you’ll have a guided anxiety tool you can use in the moment. As soon as you feel the telltale symptoms of anxiety, break out Calmigo’s product and it’ll guide you through breathing exercises in just a few short minutes. Clinically proven to deliver both immediate and long-term anxiety symptom relief and 100 percent natural in its methods, this device can actually personalize itself to your breathing patterns for customized help. It’s especially helpful for anyone whose anxiety tends to appear when you’re out and about, where escaping to a quiet place is difficult.


4. Clevr SuperLattes

Clevr SuperLattes
(Photo: Clevr Blends)

We’re big fans of mushrooms at Clean Eating, and these unassuming fungi can be particularly potent for your mental health. Mushrooms may be able to lessen your risk for depression and anxiety when consumed regularly. So why not sip on some mushrooms everyday to keep anxiety at bay?

That’s what makes Clevr Blends SuperLattes such a great addition to your daily routine. Sub in one of these tasty, earthy latte blends in for your usual cup of coffee or tea, and you’ll get a hearty serving of adaptogens – including mushrooms. Each SuperLatte mix can offer its own unique benefits, too. The Golden SuperLatte (my personal fave!) can soothe stress and lift your mood, two key factors when you’re feeling anxious, all while delivering inflammation-fighting turmeric. And the Rose Cocoa SuperLatte is like a floral hot chocolate, but with mood-brightening ingredients. Oh, and did we mention they’re super easy to make?

In addition to Clevr’s everyday SuperLattes with anxiety-fighting benefits, you’ll also want to try the Sleeptime SuperLatte. Made with sleep-supportive herbs, amino acids and adaptogens, this special nighttime bev is created to quiet your mind and calm the body so you can get a restful night’s sleep – without any anxious thoughts keeping you awake.

$28 for 14 lattes or $74 for The Starter Kit,

5. Raw Botanics RELAX CBD + CBC Tincture

Raw Botanics REST CBD + CBC Tincture
(Photo: Raw Botanics)

Like we mentioned above, CBD is a great anxiety-fighting product. But sometimes, a combo is even better than the original – and that’s why we love Raw Botanics RELAX CBD + CBC 1000mg Tincture. Crafted to be the ultimate stress-relieving, brain-enhancing tincture you’ll find, this CBD and CBC oil can help you unwind when you’re tense and improve your mood. It can even help enhance mental stamina and focus.

What, exactly, does CBC add to good ol’ CBD? The addition of CBC (or cannabichromene) in this wonderfully calming tincture binds with key receptors in the body to help increase the release of the body’s natural endocannabinoids. This can elevate your mood and boost your happiness. Plus, Raw Botanics uses a formula that’s specifically meant to offer anti-anxiety and stress relief benefits.

$85 for 1,000 mg,

6. Baked Beauty Co. CBD Sticks

Baked Beauty Co CBD Sticks
(Photo: Baked Beauty Co.)

Who says you can’t apply CBD right at the source? If you aren’t a big fan of CBD oils or simply want something that’s convenient for use on the go, Baked Beauty Co.’s unique CBD sticks are a great alternative. Each stick contains 100 milligrams of CBD in solid form – they work kind of like a typical chapstick, as you can twist the stick and rub the scented salve right onto your skin. You can apply it directly onto your forehead, your pressure points, your joints or anywhere you’re feeling tense.

In addition to anxiety-fighting, stress-soothing and pain relief benefits, each one of these CBD salve sticks is made with therapeutic-grade essential oils for extra benefits (and some great scents). These oils, which include lavender and peppermint, are naturally calming. And each stick is hand-poured and packaged in a plastic-free tube for easy recycling when it’s depleted.

$14 for 1 or $42 for 3,

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