Clean Living

3 Clean-Approved Smile Boosters

Keep your oral health in check with these chemical-free bacteria-fighting picks.

1. Minty Fresh
An EWG-verified product, Dr. Brite Cleansing Mouth Rinse in Mint is alcohol-free and contains vitamin C and activated charcoal. Use this rinse daily to boost gum health, freshen breath and whiten teeth. $9,

2. Sugar-Free Gum
Naturally flavored with Xylitol and spearmint oil, SpryDental Defense Stronger Longer Spearmint Xylitol Gum freshens breath while also helping to prevent tooth decay. $2 per pack, xlear.

3. Oral Probiotic
Formulated with probiotics including S. salivarius K12 and S. salivarius M18, Hyperbiotics PRO-Dental is a chewable tablet that helps rid the mouth of the bad bacteria and sticky deposits that can lead to bad breath and plaque. $23,