8 Must-Try Food Trends That Went Viral on TikTok This Year

Creative pastas, a new twist on iced coffee and the fluffiest bread ever – TikTok was home to some of the coolest, craziest food trends of the year. We're rounding up the best of 2021.

Photo: Pasta: EzumeImages/gettyimages.com TikTok icon: TikTok Brand Guidelines

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When a video blows up on TikTok, it really blows up. It’s not uncommon for food videos to go viral and quickly gain millions of views in just one day. And when something receives that level of traction, it often gets recreated thousands of times by people who need to try it for themselves. Huge TikTok trends can be pretty wild, but sometimes they’re surprisingly fun and totally delicious. They can even be clean and healthy, like our personal fave: the viral Nature’s Cereal trend.

Over the past year, endless recipes caught the attention of TikTok viewers and turned into massively popular trends – we even tried a few! And there’s really no better way to say goodbye to 2021 than to recreate some of the year’s most viral food trends. We’ve rounded up the best so you can make them and determine whether they really were as amazing as TikTok fans claimed!  

1. Spicy Vodka Pasta


Gigi Hadid’s Spicy Vodka Pasta, Do you like it? #spicy #vodka #pasta

♬ original sound – The Pasta Queen

Although Gigi Hadid didn’t invent vodka pasta, she definitely made it into a food trend after sharing the recipe she uses on Instagram. Soon after posting, the hashtag #GigiHadidPasta became a thing and people began making this tasty dish for themselves. 

Choose your favorite pasta noodle and feel free to recreate this sauce with or without the vodka. Gigi uses red pepper flakes to give it a good kick. Add as little or as many teaspoons depending on how much your tastebuds can handle. Top with parmesan cheese and you’ve officially made a dish fit for a supermodel.

2. Salmon Rice


♬ original sound – Emily Mariko

Videos with the hashtag #SalmonRiceBowl has garnered more than 61 million views on TikTok — and that’s all thanks to Emily Mariko. This creator gained millions of followers after her ASMR-styled cooking videos (that also make it seem like her life is completely together) went viral.

The recipe that sparked one of the biggest TikTok food trends was a salmon rice bowl. Part of the charm is how simple Emily makes it look to do yourself. Watch her aesthetically pleasing videos and give her signature dish a go! 

3. Pasta Chips


How to bake Mac & Cheese Pasta Chips in the oven #pastachips #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #macandcheese

♬ Eternal – Danilo Stankovic

Forget about the store-bought chips sitting in your pantry; give these pasta chips a whirl. Instead of adding sauce to your cooked pasta, spread the noodles onto a baking sheet with olive oil and seasoning. You’ll bake it in the oven and toss it around about halfway through.

In the meantime, you can prepare the cheese sauce on the stovetop. This creamy sauce is flavored with salt and garlic powder. Dipping your cooked pasta chips into the sauce is a dream combination that you’ll wish you had discovered sooner. 

4. Cloud Bread


Truths behind the scenes. #justforfun #foryoupage #fypシ #fyp #easyrecipes #letscook #cloudbread #funnytruth #yumyum #letsbake

♬ Lofi Chill – Louis Fine

Cloud bread was perhaps the prettiest-looking TikTok food trend of the entire year. And it’s super simple, too. With just four ingredients and about 25 minutes in the oven, you’ll have a soft and fluffy bread that literally looks like a cloud from the sky. The almond slices give it a nice crunch, as well as an authentic bread-like appearance.

To make the cloud bread extra fun, add in a bit of food coloring. You can also use a splash of vanilla in the recipe to give it some sweetness.

5. Bell pepper sandwich


Snackin! #mukbang #bellpeppercreamcheese #keto #mukbangeatingshow

♬ original sound – JanelleRohner

One of the easiest TikTok food trends with over 155 million views is the bell pepper sandwich. This low-carb trend couldn’t be easier to try for yourself.  All you have to do is cut open a bell pepper and spread some cream cheese onto it. Sprinkle on some Everything Bagel seasoning and it’s ready to go.

The fusion of flavors will probably become a go-to snack when you’re hungry. You can also get creative with the toppings since this snack is so incredibly easy to whip up. Add some protein, spoon on some avocado, or whatever else you’re craving at the moment.

6. Corn ribs


Spotted: TikTok’s next food trend🤩 @spicednice #cornribs #corntok #easyrecipe #foodtrends #foodietok #foodhack

♬ Chicago (Jersey Club) – DJ Smallz 732

Forget about traditional corn on the cob for dinner tonight and check out these corn ribs! It’s a Mexican dish officially known as Elotes, and the look of it just screams “summertime”. The grilled corn is flavored with a creamy sauce that creates the perfect sweet and savory eating experience. This TikTok recipe teaches you a version that can be made without using the grill.

In a bowl, you’ll make a mix partly made up of chili powder, garlic powder, and lemon pepper. That mix is brushed onto the corned ribs before putting them into the air fryer or oven. Drizzle on some homemade chipotle lime mayo and your new favorite way to eat corn is complete. You can also follow our easy recipe to make corn ribs and different dips that’ll totally make you feel like you’re eating a classic rack of ribs.

7. Baked feta pasta


Baked feta pasta with cherry tomatoes!! Recipe on blog • Inspired by @grilledcheesesocial 😘 #tiktokpartner #LearnOnTikTok #fetapasta #recipes

♬ original sound – Feel Good Foodie

If you wanted to make baked feta pasta during the peak of fame on TikTok, there’s a good chance you ran into empty shelves in the feta cheese section at your grocery store. The hashtag #BakedFetaPasta has over 147 million TikTok likes and became a favorite meal because of how simple it is to prepare.

You start by adding cherry tomatoes to a baking dish followed by a block of feta. After that bakes in the oven, you season it and give it a good mix. Add in the cooked pasta and you’re done! If it wasn’t already a regular dish in your dinner rotation, then it certainly will be after cooking it for the first time.

8. Whipped coffee


Dalgona Iced Coffee ☕️ #womensday2021 #womensday #dalgona #dalgonacoffee #whippedcoffee #icedcoffeerecipe #dalgonaviral #dalgonacoffeerecipe #coffee

♬ original sound – THEMODERNNONNA

At the beginning of the pandemic when the entire world fell into quarantine, it seemed like everyone and their neighbor was making whipped coffee. The drink, which is formally known as dalgona coffee, went mega viral. The hashtag #WhippedCoffee amassed a whopping 2.4 billion views on TikTok.

Consider switching up your morning brew one day and recreating this sweet beverage. It uses equal parts instant coffee, sugar, and water. Froth up those ingredients, add some ice, stir in your favorite creamer, and enjoy!

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