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Health & Fitness

Kitchen Rhythms

Keep your cooking fun! Whatever your mood or meal, we have 15 curated Spotify playlists that take you from prep work to clean up.

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The fastest route to fostering a healthy relationship with your kitchen is enjoying being in it. Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore, there are ways to make it a fun and immersive experience and what better way than with music that lifts your spirits and shakes the soul? Here’s a curated list of 15 Spotify playlists organized by various types of cuisines, moods, and genres.



Mexican Cafe

Whether you’re starting the day with chilaquiles or throwing together a hearty pozole dinner, let the lilting guitars and gentle beats of the Mexican Cafe playlist by Mark Federico Moreno calm you and carry you away to balmy Mexico. Try your best to not sway or tap your feet to the magical voice of Eydie Gormé, we dare you.
Pair with This Fare: Your Healthy Cinco de Mayo Menu


Mélodies Parisiennes

They don’t call Paris the city of love for nothing. Starting with France’s national chanteuse Édith Piaf’s powerful voice and ending on French cabaret master Tino Rossi, every song in Mélodies Parisiennes by Adrian Foong is brimming with quintessential French romance. Perfect for anything from whipping up a quick French omelette to crafting a classic coq au vin.

Pair with This Fare: Clean Coq au Vin


Tarantella Italian

This artfully curated playlist of tunes, named for the traditional Tarantella folk dance hailing from the Mezzogiorno – better known as Southern Italy – is sure to put some pep in any chef’s step, Italian or otherwise. Tarantella Italian was put together by Anders Juhlin.

Pair wth This Fare: Cheesy Italian Eggplant Casserole


Gnawa Music

From the lavish food to the people to the culture, Morocco is among the most beautiful countries in the world, and this beauty extends to their music. Next time you’re cooking up couscous, check out Spotify’s curated Gnawa Music playlist, Gnawa being a type of Moroccan and sub-Saharan African music and rhythms that combine ritual poetry with traditional melodies and beats.

Pair with This Fare: Moroccan Chicken Tagine


Thai Funk

Next time you try your hand at a Pad Thai, turn up some tunes from the Thai Funk playlist by Ben Shooner, especially if you’re a fan of funk or psychedelic rock. We can almost guarantee you’ve never heard electric guitar played quite this way. Between these unique beats and the fragrant aromas swirling around your kitchen, you’ll wonder if you really aren’t in Thailand.

Pair with This Fare: Saucy Skillet Pad Thai with Chicken


Energized & Cheerful

Clean Happy Hits

From your morning brew until dinner hour, stay energized and upbeat all day with this playlist by Grace, full of nothing but positive, go-getter vibes from today’s chart-toppers like Kygo, The Chainsmokers and Panic! At The Disco. This playlist is perfect for a productive kitchen session, cheery enough to uplift the spirits with just the right powerful punch to keep you focused.

Chill Afternoon

Buenas Tardes

Buenas Tardes by Holly is perfect for when hungry mouths are anxiously calling but relaxing, chill vibes are in order. A diverse mix of tunes, from the soaring vocals of the eternal Aretha Franklin to the wordless harmonies of Afrobeat eight-piece band KOKOROKO, all these songs share one thing in common: good vibes for a chill meal prep.

Cozy & Warm

Cozy Kitchen

This playlist’s name tells you everything you need to know. Cozy Kitchen by Lars Vega is exactly that, mellow melodies that’ll have you subtly tapping your feet, without even knowing. We think you’ll find this playlist perfect for a calm, therapeutic cooking session, particularly on a chilly night.

Slow & Steady

Classical Piano Solo

This one’s for the pros. Put together by Ilse van der Velden, this beautiful playlist of over 17 hours of classical music is perfect for the gourmet chef seeking a soundtrack for concentration. Played on nothing but a solo piano, these songs are stripped down to only their core melodic genius, written by greats like Chopin and Bach.


Grandma’s Kitchen

Sinatra, Dean Martin, Etta James… all the trappings of a solid nostalgia playlist, curated by Spotify’s Jane, will take you back to the golden days of soul, swing and jazz. Keep this playlist in mind for the next instance you’re trawling through your grandmother’s treasured recipes.



Lo-fi Lovers

Lo-fi music is short for low-fidelity, meaning music that is recorded with imperfections in audio quality, done so intentionally for its daydreamy effect. This playlist by TABAL will carry your mind away, even with your feet planted firmly in your kitchen.


Road Trip Rock ’n Roll

You don’t have to be road tripping to enjoy this collection of classics, put together by Eliel Bittencourt. Cook while you rock your way through the height of this genre with chart-toppers like Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones and Bon Jovi.


Classical Greats

If you’re a fan of the classics but tire of the same old playlists featuring Mozart and Beethoven, this incredible collection of some of the best musical compositions mixes things up more than most playlists within this genre— perfect for the traditional chef who understands that variety truly is the spice of life.



One has to only look up “R&B” on Spotify for endless playlists of this beloved genre, so we thought we’d add a touch of flavor to your playlist, while you add a touch of flavor to your dishes, ergo: Spotify’s Soultronic, with all the soulful bounce of R&B combined with electronic magic.


The Kings and Queens of Pop

Did you know that pop is short for “popular music?” What better way to conclude this list than with an assembly of the greatest crowd-pleasers of the genre’s heyday? Featuring the most legendary artists in the history of pop, this playlist will transform your kitchen into a disco where the turntables are traded in for your stovetop.


DISCLAIMER: We did our best to keep the list as clean as possible while still bringing you interesting and unconventional playlists, but there may be the occasional expletive track so we caution you to listen at your own discretion.