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6 Natural Teas to Brighten Your Morning

Whether you want to energize or aid digestion, this tantalizing selection of natural teas delivers the healthful goods.
It’s Teatime

Fresh matcha (pictured center) should be refrigerated; other teas, however, can be stored in your pantry.

You won’t find any added sugar in these six teas. From loose-leaf options to chlorine-free tea bags, these pure bevvies offer complex flavors featuring sweet, earthy and spicy notes. If you crave a bit more sweetness, add in a Clean Eating–approved sweetener like raw honey. 

1. Natural Detox

While we can't get enough of Alvita Organic Dandelion Root's nutty flavor, we also love that it has diuretic and liver-detoxifying properties. $6.50, alvita.com for stores

2. Holistic Balance

Numi Organic Tea in Gratitude features a blend of ingredients like tulsi, ashwagandha, maca and chamomile to relax the senses while pleasing the palate. $8, numitea.com 

3. Blissful Brew

With its rich flavor and delicate earthiness, Pantaea Ceremonial Grade Matcha makes a soul-satisfying matcha latte. $39, panateamatcha.com 

4. Hit Reset

Higher Tea Detox Tea boosts metabolism and supports digestion with bloat-busting ingredients such as cinnamon, licorice, dandelion and ginger. $24, higher-tea.com 

5. Spice Up Your Life

Get ready to fall in love with this warming organic brew: Turmeric Teas Dawn Chai Tea is brimming with inflammation-fighting spices such as turmeric, cinnamon and ginger. $8, turmericteas.com 

6. Brighten Up Your Day

Gaia Herbs Organic Hibiscus Tea contains mandarin orange peel essential oil for a citrusy kick that perks up its sweet-tart flavor. $6, gaiaherbs.com