The 2019 Clean Eating Gift Guide

These editor-curated gifts will have everyone on your holiday list marveling, "How did you know?"
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For the Party Planner

7 prime picks for your favorite host or hostess with the most.

For the Zen Seeker

These presents will undoubtedly be appreciated by yogis and rat-race runners alike.

For the Healthy Millennial

Luxe, eco-friendly and just plain cool gifts for the young'un in your life.

For the Novelty Foodie

Grab a few of these to keep on hand for those times when you realize, darn, that you forgot that person.

For the Big-Hearted

Gifts with a conscience for the steadfast altruist.

For the Drink Connoisseur

Top present picks for the sippers, imbibers and java addicts in your life.

For the Fitness Phenom

Gifts for the person who loves to sweat and isn't afraid to show it.

For the Creative Cook

We won't blame you for buying two of these - one for you, and one for the second-luckiest person you know.