4 Electric Hand Mixers Just in Time for the Holidays

An electric hand mixer is the perfect choice for 
lighter tasks like beating egg whites or whipping cream – they’re affordable and take up less space 
than a bulky stand mixer. Try one of our top-rated models for all your holiday baking.


Cuisinart Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer
With 220 watts of power behind this retro-style model, this machine can perform any task quickly. We love that its dishwasher-safe beaters are designed without a center post for efficient beating and easier cleanup.
PRO: The size and shape of the chef’s whisk is well conceived, allowing for expert whipping of egg whites and cream.
CON: While the model has an innovative smooth-start function, it doesn't work perfectly as it starts with a pop of speed and then slows down.
$60, cuisinart.com



Breville the Handy Mix Scraper
This is a mixer that truly comes with all the bells and whistles: 9 speeds, a timer, a light that’s aimed at the mixture you're beating and a sensor that adjusts its performance for lighter or heavier tasks. It even has a storage case to keep all your goodies in so that they don’t get misplaced.
PRO: The beaters are coated with silicone, so they don’t make noise when hitting against the bowl – genius!
CON: It's a bit heavier than most other models.
$130, brevilleusa.com



Oster Accentuate 6-Speed Hand Mixer
While this model fits into the budget category, don’t write it off for performance – it’s got a powerful 225-watt motor that can compete with any other of the other brands.
PRO: Comes with a handy storage bag to keep all your attachments together.
CON: The size of the whisk attachment is on the smaller
side, so you have to move it around more to reach all parts of your mixture.
$25, oster.com



KitchenAid 9-Speed Architect Hand Mixer
In addition to the beaters, whisk and dough hook attachments, this lightweight mixer comes with a unique feature in a handheld – a blending rod designed for smoothies and milkshakes. While this model also comes in a more understated silver, we adore this bright and bold red color – especially around the holidays!
PRO: When you power it on, it starts slow – a key feature to avoid splattering.
CON: It lacks a pause button, so you have to stop the motor and start again on low when adding new ingredients.
$110, kitchenaid.com