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Shake Up Your Sides

Revamp your favorite meal with rice substitutes that deliver a hefty dose of nutrients, plus a whole new flavor profile.

Miracle Rice


Made by the creator of the popular shirataki-based Miracle Noodles, Miracle Rice builds on its predecessor’s low-cal reputation. With only three ingredients – in fact, it’s 97% water – this soy- and gluten-free faux-starch can transform your pilafs, stir-fries and even rice puddings into a diabetic-friendly dish that your guests will love. $2.99,   



Unlike many other rice substitutes, RightRice is shelf-stable, so you can keep it in your pantry without worrying about spoilage. Lentil, chickpea, pea and rice flours are combined to form a delicious “grain” that puts regular ol’ white rice to shame, delivering more than twice the protein, five times the hunger-curbing fiber and 40% fewer net carbs, with a bare-bones ingredients list you can feel proud to serve to your family. $3.99,

Green Giant Riced Veggies Cauliflower & Sweet Potato


Cauliflower rice has been the low-carb side du jour, but let’s face it – it can get boring, fast. That’s where Green Giant comes in. They’ve developed 11 plays on rice, utilizing a variety of “I never would have thought of that” veggies including beets, kohlrabi and broccoli. Serving finicky kids? Start with their cauliflower and sweet potato option, which is slightly higher in carbs and a bit firmer than the original cauliflower version. $2.99,

Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Red Bulgur


Who says you have to say “no” to grains completely? The chewy texture and nutty taste of bulgur will elevate your rice-based dishes to new heights, and if you are feeling adventurous, it makes a hearty swap for your standard breakfast bowls. Even better: This version has been parboiled, so prep is mercifully undaunting. $3.99, 

GoGo Quinoa Tri-Color Quinoa


Over the past decade, quinoa has experienced a surge in popularity, and with good reason. It provides a complete source of protein that can seamlessly sub for refined carbs in many dishes, and let’s be honest, it’s just plain fun to say (keen-wah). This version melds white, red and black versions of the grain into one bag, giving your plate a bit more dimension and visual appeal. $5.99,