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Call for Submissions: 2021 Clean Choice Awards

Do you have an ethically made, sustainably produced, groundbreaking clean product you’d like to see featured in Clean Eating? We are now opening submissions for our 10th annual Clean Choice Awards, which honor innovative, clean packaged products.


It’s been a decade since the very first Clean Choice Awards, and your Clean Eating team is back at it again, rolling up our sleeves and sorting through hundreds of products to round up the best of clean packaged foods on the market.

Fifty exceptional product picks will be awarded the title of “Clean Choice Award 2021 Winner” – will one be yours?

Categories include, but are not limited to:

  • Breakfast (cereals, granolas, breads)
  • Beverages (coffee, tea, wine, juice, energy drinks, water)
  • Dairy and Dairy-Free Alternatives
  • Spices & Seasoning
  • Sweet Treats
  • Pantry Staples
  • Time Savers
  • Snacks
  • Household Goods (cleaning, laundry, etc.)
  • Beauty (body care, skincare, etc.)
  • Supplements
  • Adaptogens (Lion’s Mane, Ashwagandha, etc.)

We will give special consideration to brands using ethical labor and sustainable practices, packaging and ingredients, as well as brands with a focus on charitable endeavors. We are also paying special attention to brands owned by Black-, Indigenous- and People of Color-owned brands and products.

Submissions are open from August 24 to September 25. To submit, please send five samples of the products you’d like us to consider for a Clean Choice Award to the address below.

Entries are judged based on nutrition profile, taste, texture, visual appeal, convenience factor and ethical and sustainable production.

Send all products to:

Clean Eating Magazine

171 East Liberty St., Unit 249

Toronto, Ontario M6K 3P6

Please mark all shipments as F/D (Free Domicile) to ensure all duty, brokerage, shipping, and customs clearance charges have been prepaid. Contact us at with any questions. Check out the full list of last year’s winners here.