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Clean Choice Awards 2012: Breakfast Picks

Start your day off right - you won't believe how incredible you feel!

1. Many of us here at the CE offices now keep a bag of this certified organic muesli at our desk for a mid-morning snack mixed with Greek yogurt. It's energy without the crash in every bite! $6,


2. Gluten-free and delicious, this is a perfect, speedy breakfast - and yes, it actually does taste like muffins! $6,


3. This is an instant version of the classic oatmeal your grandmother used to make - it's a great staple to have around the house! $4,


4. We were so excited when this line of granola came into the office - it's packed beautifully and tastes phenomenal. The best part: it's really good for you! $8,

"This granola is the next best thing to an oatmeal cookie. Super satisfying. I just love the chunks of dried cranberries and how the pieces are big enough to conveniently eat out of hand."
- Alicia Rewega, Editor-In-Chief


5. This cereal is so clean and natural, it's made up of seven whole grains and sesame - nothing else! $3,

"These puffs are delightfully crispy, the perfect blank canvas for adding fruit, nuts and seeds to the mix."
- Jessica Pollack, Online Editor