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Clean Choice Awards 2012: Drinks

No need to drink your days worth of sugar! All of these options are nutritious, delicious and keep sugars in check.

1. This tangy twist on traditional orange juice put a pep in our step, and we loved the natural amount of pulp and just-squeezed freshness! $4 per 32-oz bottle, for retail locations.

“Brilliant combination of tart and sweet flavors!”
– Michael Spiar, Copy Editor

2. Flush out last night’s glass of wine and rehydrate with a flood of electrolytes, all wrapped up in a tropically tasty package! $2 to $2.50, for retail locations.


3. We love how each bag makes a quart of naturally sweet and refreshing organic black tea with essential lemon oil – you’ll always have a glass on hand! $7,

4. This Chai-inspired vegan chocolate treat uses minimally processed cacao and organic coconut palm sugar, ingredients that help maintain its antioxidants, magnesium,
iron and more. $13.50,


“It’s like a sweet ’n’ spicy mouth party with delightfully sinister hints of cayenne, cinnamon, cloves, star anise and, of course, ample cacao powder!”
– Jessica Pollack, Online Editor


5. Even though winter colds are far from your mind now, these teas are great to keep in the pantry just in case the need strikes, with four bags each of Echinacea Immune Support, Cold Season, Breathe Deep and Throat Comfort. $5,


6. Give new life to your agua without adding calories or sugar – and get 25% of your daily vitamin C! $5,