Clean Pantry

Clean Choice Awards 2012: Chips, Crackers & Snacks

No need to feel guilty when you reach for one of these crisp, satisfying snacks!

There’s no corn filler in these clever and superbly crunchy chips – just five simple non-GMO ingredients and a heaping dose of fiber!
$4 per 6-oz bag, for retail locations

“Satisfied my chip craving without making me feel bloated, dehydrated or guilty.” – Gilean Watts, Associate Editor

A big crowd-pleaser, the CE team couldn’t help but fall for the subtle almond accents in these triangular chips!
$3 per 4.25-oz bag, for retail locations

We were pleasantly surprised by the shape of these extremely thin and crunchy popcorn chips – triangular instead of the usual round for dipping ease!
$4 per 7.25-oz bag, for retail locations

“Addictive! Here at the office, we polished off the whole bag in five minutes flat!” – Gilean Watts, Associate Editor

These crisp chips taste just like falafel balls – try dipping them in our “Raw” Beanless Zucchini Hummus.
$4 to $5 per 8-oz bag, for retail locations

“They taste like falafel and it’s blowing my mind! I’m dying to make nachos out of these chips to dip in hummus instead of guac: Falafel Nachos. (Copyright!)” – Jessica Pollack, Online Editor

With a smorgasbord of flavor options made simply from dried fruits, nuts and spices, no grab ’n’ go day has to be the same!
$25.50 to $28 per case of 16,

Brown rice, quinoa and seeds are just some of the essential good-for-you ingredients found within one of the crispiest crackers in the game, sans gluten!
$5, for retail locations

WEB bonus: Spread some Avocado Pesto on these crispy crackers!

We overheard someone in the office proclaim that these kettle-cooked snacks taste like sweet potato fries – made with all-natural ingredients.
$3.50 per 4.5-oz bag, for retail locations

The plant sterols in these corn-based chips mean your health could be improving with every bite!
$3 per 7-oz bag, for retail locations

“These are the best tortilla chips I’ve ever had! I would have loved to try them baked with some cheese and veggies, but they didn’t survive past my desk. They have just the right amount of crunchiness and saltiness – so good!” – Gilean Watts, Associate Editor