Clean Pantry

Clean Choice Awards 2013: Grains

Banish refined grains from your pantry – these picks are all nutritious and delightful whole-grain choices.

Rice Select Royal Texmati with Quinoa & Freekeh

Rice Select Royal Blend Texmati with Quinoa and Freekeh
Smoky, nutty and protein-rich, this satisfying blend of light brown rice, red quinoa and freekeh really hits the spot. We also went gaga over its resealable container! $7, for retail locations

Jovial Einkorn Wheat Berries

Jovial 100% Organic Einkorn Wheat Berries
Made from 100% organic einkorn wheat (a most ancient strain), these chewy kernels make for a nutrient-packed breakfast cereal thanks to its ample fiber, protein and B vitamins. $4.50,

Lundberg Brown Rice Spaghetti

Lundberg Family Farms Organic Spaghetti Brown Rice Pasta
Besides this spaghetti’s great taste, the perks go on and on: it’s made from organic, non-GMO rice that’s free of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, and it’s wheat-, dairy- and gluten-free with zero cholesterol. $4,

Freekeh Foods

All-Natural Freekeh by Freekeh Foods
Meaning “to rub” in Arabic, the centuries-old grain (discovered by accident!) is a chewy delight. Whether you prefer the plain or rosemary sage–infused variety, expect a protein and fiber boost. $4 per 8-oz bag, for retail locations

Goose Valley Rice Fusion

Goose Valley Basmati & Wild Rice Fusion

CE’s associate editor Gilean found this rice so full of earthy, nutty flavor that she didn’t even have to add salt to pep up the rice for her sushi rolls. We also love its ecologically responsible packaging! $5, for
retail locations

Thai Kitchen Red Rice Noodles

Thai Kitchen Red Rice Noodles
Red rice gives these easy-to-make noodles their unique hue, and since they’re presteamed and dried, they’re ready in minutes. Perfect for soups and stir-frys. $4,