Clean Pantry

Clean Choice Awards 2013: Spices

We believe that quality spices make for quality meals. Many conventional brands of spices have preservatives or additives, but these brands are made without any of those nasties!

Salt Sisters Mediterranean Rub

Salt Sisters Mediterranean Rub
The aromatic combination of basil, lemon, red pepper and oregano will transport you overseas – try it on seafood, chicken or sprinkled over grilled veggies. Whatever the occasion, Salt Sisters has a delicious variety of globally inspired spice mixtures to try out. $6,

Scrumptious Pantry Heirloom Salt

The Scrumptious Pantry Organic Heirloom Savory Salt Herbal
We recommend keeping this rosemary-and-sage herbed salt on your countertop as an easy flavor booster for soups, salads, veggies and even as a quick rub for meats! $10.60,

Salt Farm Chipotle Salt

Salt Farm Chipotle Sea Salt Blend
Kick your cooking up a notch with Salt Farm’s Chipotle Sea Salt. It’s great when sprinkled on meats and veggies before grilling. They also offer sampler packs so you can mix and match from their wide array of blends! $10,

Simply Organic Garlic Powder
It’s not easy getting your hands on dried herbs and spices that are nonirradiated and free of additives and fillers, but this company has a full line of them! We love the pure, pungent flavor of this garlic powder in everything from guacamole to tomato sauce, and even sprinkled over homemade pita chips! $6 per 3.64 oz,